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Organika started as a post production and animation studio 13 years ago. We were pioneers in motion graphics in Mexico back in 2002, later on we started adding services, 3D animation in 2003, VFX and audio in 2005. In 2007 we realised that TV was not the only window for products and services, so we started experimenting with projections, interactive apps, web, social media, and finally we decided to open our BTL and events branch, Sintetika. We are a creative team in constant search for visual and interactive innovations that apply to advertising and entertainment. We like to evolve constantly, everything changes everyday and very fast, we do the same, that´s why the name organika, “organic” makes a lot of sense.

Our Goal

Satisfied customers 24/7


Organika, besides being creative company is a Service company. We believe that service is as important as the talent and quality of the work delivered.


Honesty and perseverance towards quality define us. We recognized by our business ethics.


We are a creative lab, capable of generating concepts for brands and products, and put them into practice.

“Every project, big or small, represents new challenges, and it is these challenges that allow us to continue learning and growing.”

-Alvaro Hernández, Partner/Executive Producer.



We imagine everyday all sorts of concepts for all sorts of brands and products. The best part is to execute our dreams. We love to create!



Clients are our engine, we live and depend on them, they are the most important part of our company. As a result, we generate long-term relationships with them.



We said we were creative… Didn’t we?




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Phone (USA)

(512) 983 9042

Phone (Mex)

(55) 5523-0016

(55) 5202-0012

(55) 5520-8399

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